Intimate Hygiene and Penis Health

Practicing good personal hygiene helps to keep the body healthy by removing body oils, dead skin cells, body waste products, and reduces the ability for bacteria, viruses, and fungi to grow. These parasites thrive in an environment which is less hygienic and can cause a wide variety of health problems in addition to causing bad odors.

It is advisable to shower or bathe our bodies daily using a mild soap and warm water to keep the numbers of bacteria, viruses, and fungi in check, but what about our genitalia?

take-a-showerDoes your penis require any special treatment?

Male Genitalia

The sex organs are one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies and do require a little extra care compared to the rest of our bodies, especially if we are sexually active.

While an uncircumcised penis has a little more protection built right in against contact with substances your penis should not come into contact with, both the uncircumcised and circumcised versions require some attention.

A white substance (smegma) can build up around the various grooves in the penis throughout your day and is made up of skin oils, moisture, bacteria, and dead skin cells. This substance has a purpose as it collects all of the material you would not want entering your penis. If you allow this matter to accumulate, bacterial or fungal skin infections may occur in addition to a rather funky odor. Whether your penis is circumcised or not, it is important to be sure that this matter is washed off gently with soap and water every day.

Penis Hygiene

In an uncircumcised penis, it is necessary to gently retract the foreskin to expose all the areas of the penis prior to cleansing the area. While it is often thought that an intact foreskin is dirtier than a circumcised one, this is not the case as the foreskin helps protect the sensitive penis structures from bacteria, harsh chemicals like laundry soap, and chaffing which can leave sensitive skin more prone to infection.

Circumcised penises also require equal attention to hygiene in for maximum penis health.

intimate-hygieneIt is best to use unscented products for sensitive skin when cleaning delicate genitalia as harsher products can cause allergic reactions, burning, itching, or cause the skin to become inflamed.

Wash the area with a mild soap, rinse in warm water, then pat the area dry gently. It is best not to use any powders, deodorant, or body sprays on the genital area as they can cause allergic reactions and skin sensitivity and with proper daily washing they are totally unnecessary.

Your testicles, anus, and pubic hair should also be included in your daily wash as they can accumulate body oil, sweat, and other matter where bacteria can grow. As bacteria often produce a bad odor as a by-product, you’re definitely going to want to keep these areas clean as well as they can end up smelling as bad, or worse, than a stinky armpit or foot.

remove-pubic-hairPubic Hair Maintenance

It is sometimes helpful to trim public hair and the hair around the anus to assist with keeping these areas clean. While some people may prefer to shave these areas, this can result in nicks, cuts, razor burn, or skin infections, and it is not necessary.

A simple trim is often sufficient to make daily hygiene easier to perform, although this is not really necessary either. The hair surrounding the genitals serves a purpose, after all, and is there to trap sweat, bacteria, viruses, or foreign objects and keep them away from your most sensitive bits. As these areas of the body are particularly delicate, ensure anything you use to maintain your pubic hair is intended for that purpose and is thoroughly cleaned before and after use to prevent serious infections.

Anal Sex

It is important to also practise basic hygiene before and after anal sex. Some individuals may feel it necessary to use an anal douche prior to sex if they are concerned with cleanliness. This may also help if you are prone to feeling the need to evacuate your bowels during intercourse. Enemas or anal douches may cause trauma to the rectum which can leave you at increased risk of infection from HIV and STIs, so condoms are a must.

If you choose to use one of these products, it is advisable to wait a few hours after its use before having intercourse. It is also important to use anti-bacterial soap after coming into contact with any feces. If you do not feel that anal douching is necessary, simply slip a slightly soapy finger into the anus and rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residues which can cause irritation. Many people find soap to be too harsh for this region and prefer to simply use water. Gently and thoroughly wash your penis after any sexual contact whether you have worn protection or not to keep the area in optimal health.

Penis Health

Inspect your penis and testicles regularly for any signs of injury from chaffing, skin infection, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), or fungal infection. Get to know your penis and testicles and what they look and feel like. Check regularly for any skin discolorations or lumps in the groin or testicles which may be early signs of testicular cancer.

penis-healthShould you notice any changes in your penis or testicles, consult with your primary care physician as soon as possible. Your physician has seen it all before and has had extensive training in men’s health, so there is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed of issues regarding genital health. Most things, when found early enough, can be successfully treated rather easily and quickly. The longer you wait with a problem, the more serious it can become.

STIs and Safety

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it is absolutely necessary to use condoms each and every time you have intercourse with a partner to prevent STIs. People in long term monogamous relationships should be tested for STIs and receive an all clear from their doctor prior to eliminating condoms from their intimate encounters.

Condoms should be stored in their original packaging to protect them from damage which may cause them to break. Your pocket, wallet, or anywhere else which is outside of their original box is not recommended. Keep condoms stored away from heat and light which can weaken their structure. Should you have an incident where a condom breaks, shower as soon as possible to clean the area and contact your doctor for testing. While the chances are that everything is okay, it is best not to leave the health of your penis, yourself, or your partner at risk.



Dating Tips and Advice

in-loveWhether you are in the market for a light-hearted no strings attached encounter or are looking for a life-long partner the best advice and tips remain the same. Should you choose to search out this new partner through digital methods such as online dating or you prefer the more traditional approach, it is important to consider the same factors.

  • Any new adventure into dating should be thought out ahead of time. Identify what type of relationship you are looking for, what the ideal characteristics are for your partner, and evaluate what you are capable and ready to give. Knowing these three important factors will help you to find the right partner for what you are looking for.
  • It is important to be honest and upfront when you are learning about your new potential partner on both dating sites and in person. If you are only looking for a casual adventure, just say so. While this may not get you the person you are talking to at that particular moment, it is a far more ethical way to handle yourself.

There are plenty of individuals looking for no strings attached type relationships, friends with benefits, or random hookups, so misleading someone into thinking you are looking for a lifelong commitment is not only unnecessary, but it’s not very fair or nice either.

  • Present yourself in an honest way. Creating a new relationship based on a series of lies is going to be pretty hard to maintain. Over time, this will be very hard to keep track of and live up to and both parties may end up getting hurt. You want a partner who wants to be with you, not the fictitious person you’ve made up. If someone doesn’t like you just as you are, you probably shouldn’t be with them anyway and the relationship is likely to break down before long.
  • Try not to be upset if you face rejection. This is bound to happen at some point and is a natural part of dating. These individuals are not rejecting you personally as a human, they are indicating that your personality traits, wants and desires, ideals, goals, or relationship intents do not match up with theirs.

While it always hurts a little to hear that you are not what someone wants, keep in mind that the end goal is for you to find someone who wants and accepts you just as you are. This fosters and builds the best relationships and can help create strong foundations that can withstand time.


  • Be open and honest about both you as a person and what you want from a partner but be realistic. Know what things you will not accept from a person and keep those in mind when you are looking for a new partner. If you are against alcohol use, for example, dating a guy that drinks a case of beer every night is just not going to work. Don’t expect to change a person’s character; they are who they are. If you see anything that is on your no-go list, just thank them for meeting with you and move along. Be honest about who you are and what you want.
  • When meeting a new potential partner make sure you show up looking like you’ve made an effort. Shower, brush your teeth, and put on clean clothing. You don’t have to present yourself in a way that you would not appear on a daily basis, but it is important to pay attention to basic personal hygiene. Nothing is more off-putting than a date showing up smelling like yesterday’s socks with fur on their teeth. Dress appropriately for the date you are going on. If you are going to a fine dining restaurant, your attire should be different than if you were going hiking.
  • Don’t spend your time getting to know someone harping about your ex. No one wants to hear this. If they do, they’ll ask at some point. If it is absolutely necessary to divulge some aspect of this past relationship, state only what is absolutely necessary and move along. Bashing your ex only makes it appear as if you are not over the relationship, have issues with boundaries, or hold a grudge, none of which are attractive to anyone. That being said, it is best to be fully over your last relationship before looking to start a new one. While abuse or other major negative life events do have effects that will remain with you on some level or another your entire life, you should be past the point where these will limit your ability to have a successful relationship before you begin one.
  • If you’ve gone out on a date and are not interested in the person, don’t lead them to believe otherwise. No one likes to be strung along. Simply say that you are not interested and thank them for meeting with you. If you do not feel safe doing this in person, do so via whatever communication method you have been using up to this point. It is always preferable to let someone down or break up with them in person as long as it does not put you in any danger. This is much a much more respectful and considerate way to approach the subject. While it may prove to be an uncomfortable conversation, honesty and respect are the best methods of approach.
  • Arrange to meet new potential partners in a safe and public location. It is not in your best interest safety-wise to meet anyone you don’t know in a private or isolated space. While most people are harmless, we are all aware that this is not always the case. Protect yourself and meet anyone you do not know personally in advance in a public area. Arrive on your own and arrange transportation to leave on your own.

be-youIn Conclusion:

Make sure a trusted friend or family member is aware of your plans and give them the name, phone number, and area of residence (just a town or area of town if you don’t know the specifics) of the person you are meeting with. Advise this person when you will be expected back and contact them should anything change. Call or text them when you’ve arrived safely home. While this may be dismissed as being a bit paranoid, things do happen and it is better to be safe than sorry.