Penises Big and Small … Why We Love them All

Every person is a unique individual with different personality traits, physical traits, morals, and ideas. Penises are as unique and special as the individuals who possess them. There is no one perfect personality, physical body, or mind, why should we expect all penises to be one and the same?

dancingMedia has put people in the spotlight, photoshopped them to unrecognizable levels, and put only on display what they decide is worthy of notice.

Not only have they improperly created a standard of basic physical beauty, they’ve gone so far as to critique even the most personal aspects of humanity such as what makes up the perfect genitalia. This unrealistic set of ideals has meant that many people have become ashamed of the very thing they should take pride in…their uniqueness.

Penis Length

The shortest penis recorded was a micropenis which measured 0.39 inches (1 cm), while the largest on record is 13.5 inches (34 cm) long and 6.25 inches (16 cm) wide. While medical factors can contribute to the length, girth, and shape of a penis, its length is just a factor which makes every man’s penis different.

Girth-wise, penises can range anywhere from less than a half inch to nearly 7 inches around. Now that the records are out of the way, we can safely say that men’s penises are anywhere between 0.39 and 13.5 inches in length and anywhere from about half an inch to 7 inches around.

Penis Shape

Penis shape is another component of penis aesthetics which can make men feel a little less than confident in their equipment should they fall in line with considering main stream media’s idea of perfection the reality.

The head of a penis can be triangular, helmet, knob, bullet, or standard in shape and can be thinner or thicker than the shaft itself or may even come in a mushroom shape. Circumcised or left natural, penises may also have a wide variety of angles or bends to make them unique and fantastic.

erection-problemsErectile Dysfunction

Regardless of size or shape, all penises are perfect even when erectile dysfunction is present. Many factors can affect the intensity and ability to get or maintain an erection including age, diabetes, blood pressure, hormonal or psychological factors such as stress and many other health conditions. This condition can be temporary or permanent and many men can be left feeling less-than-perfect due to this complaint.

Discuss any difficulties achieving or maintaining erection with your primary care physician who can help to determine whether an underlying health issues could be affecting your ability to maintain an erection and to talk about possible solutions.

Love Thyself

They key to a happy and healthy sex life is not the shape or size of the equipment itself. Providing your partner and yourself with pleasure, enjoying each other’s bodies because of their differences, and loving those very differences can be a whole new source of confidence. It is always wise to focus on what you do have instead of comparing it to what you don’t. There is no such thing as an ideal penis. There are false media representations of what an ideal penis should be which likely represent a very small number of the actual penises out there. The majority, instead, are as unique and lovable as their owners.

Penises come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes and it’s about time we all start thinking of them as extraordinary and appreciate their differences while promoting acceptance. Whether a penis is short or long, thin or thick, straight or curved, or has a unique head, their differences are what makes them interesting. Let your penis lie flaccid or stand proud in the knowledge that you love him just as he is. Love your penis and love yourself.