About Us

Fly Nightclub is a men’s only, private night club where you can be secure in your privacy because that is our top priority.
You can come and visit us and enjoy the atmosphere, music, the company, and we will take your security and your privacy seriously. We pride ourselves on providing a safe comfortable place to have a good time, meet people or just have a drink without any hassle or fuss.

People come to Fly Nightclub for many reasons.

Like most night clubs it can be for the music, the company and the possibility of meeting someone special. We have singers and dancing for your enjoyment to while away the hours in comfort. Standard drinks and specialty drinks are available as well as a great menu if you are out for a night of dinner and dancing.

lsYou can come to if you are looking to meet someone to connect with. The fast paced world of today can make that difficult and Fly Nightclub is a great place to relax and meet people. Or the conversation is a great reason to visit us too. You can have a conversation on any topic and you will not be offending anyone.

Open mindedness is a big part of the atmosphere and if you have questions you may be uncomfortable to ask anywhere else you can get answers here without judging or prejudice. If you are a straight man who may have some sexual questions you are uncomfortable asking those you know, you could find the answers here.

People who visit the club have no interest in judging and would be happy to answer questions about anything from penis enlargement to a different area of sexual enjoyment. Whether gay or straight you will have a good time at Fly Nightclub © with no worries or stress.

So come and visit us for a drink, dinner and dancing, or a quiet night relaxation.