Does Tight Underwear Affect Your Love Life?

tight-underwearThroughout history men have desired to have a full love life including being able to satisfied their partner and being about to reproduce. The truth is while most men, can and do have a very satisfying sex life and have little problem making babies, there can be a variety of reasons why some men have difficulty in their love life. However, few men stop to consider that tight underwear may well affect both their love life and their ability to reproduce.

Old Wives Tale: Truth or Fiction

There is an old wives tale that tight underwear lowers a man sperm count. Is there any truth to this old wives tale or is it pure fiction? This tale is based on the idea that men’s testicles can become overheated and when they do they produce less sperm. The less sperm a man has, the lower his chances are of reproducing will do.

Interesting enough, while many medical professionals state that tight underwear will not heat up the testicles to the point that it will affect the sperm count, they also advise men who are trying to conceive to wear looser clothing including their underwear. So, there may be a kernel of truth to the old wives tale after all.

In addition, you need to remember that tight underwear increases friction and friction produces heat, so if you are trying to conceive then it is advisable to skip that tight underwear and wear something more comfortable and loser.

Tight Underwear and Problems with Friction

While tight underwear can create friction which can heat up the testicles, this friction may also result in other issues that can affect a man’s sex life. For starters, friction can result in your private area becoming sensitive to touch making it less pleasurable to be intimate which can decrease desire. In addition friction from tight underwear can also cause a rash which again makes makes being intimate uncomfortable for you and a bit frightening for you partner who may not be as sure as you are about what is causing that rash.

Style or Performance?

What it all comes down to that some men are going to have choose between being stylish or having a better love life. There is little doubt that tight underwear is in style and many women enjoying seeing tighter underwear on that special man, but if those tight underwear are resulting in irritation to your privates and discomfort when making love, then it is better to be a little out of style than to hamper your sex life.