Should You Exercise Your Penis?

While most people know that exercise is good for your body and your health, that doesn’t mean that exercises designed for specific parts of your body are either healthy or effective. Take for example penis exercises, some men will do anything to try to and enlarge their penis including searching the net for those penis exercises that promise you that if you spend enough time and effort exercising your penis that you will actually add length and girth. While there is absolutely no proof that penile exercises will increase the size of your penis, you may still find yourself wondering if exercising this part of your body have any benefits at all. If you find yourself asking the question “Should You Exercise your penis for any reason.” Then getting the facts on the pros and cons of these exercises will help you make a more informed decision.

penis-exercisesWhat Penis Exercises Can Do For You

While there is absolutely no evidence that penis exercisers will increase the size of your penis, (the penis has no muscles) there is some evidence that exercising your member can help to stimulate blood flow to your member resulting in harder erections for those men who have difficulty becoming fully erect.

In some cases penis exercises can help people suffering from penile dysfunction achieve and maintain a harder erection, but achieving harder erections through this method takes a great deal of time often taking 6 months or more before seeing results.

However, in all honesty there are other methods of gaining and maintaining a harder erection that doesn’t require manual manipulation of the penis several times a day for several minutes a day. After all if you work a full time job and have any kind of a social life, you aren’t going to have the time or desire to take 3, 4, or 5 15 minute breaks a day to exercise that important member.

Successfully Exercising May Be Impossible

Another thing to consider is that successfully exercising that penis may be difficult if not impossible. Many of the exercises for the penis requires that penis be semi-erect while exercising. This poses a problem for many men because man handling their member often results in a full hard erection that makes it impossible to actually complete the exercises.

Possible Injury

One thing that most proponents of penis exercises don’t tell you is that if your exercise your member the wrong way, pull to hard, or make any number of other mistakes you could actually end up injuring your penis. In the most severe cases you may suffer nerve damage that can result in your experiencing loss of sensation and even pain when performing the sexual act.

Penis exercises simply don’t have enough benefits to make it worth the risk of injury.

After learning these facts regarding penis exercises, it is up to you whether to partake in these exercises or not. However, if you do choose to go ahead and exercise your member, then at least speak to your physician prior to embarking on any of these exercises.