Medical Penis Stretcher – What is This?

While studies and medical doctors state that the average erect penis is somewhere between 4 and 6 inches, many men feel that having an organ of this size simply isn’t acceptable. While some men dream of having a larger penis, other men actually take steps to do something about it.

  • Some of you believe in miracle cures and will try pills or creams that promise to enlarge your penis.
  • Other men are more realistic and turn to penis stretcher devices to permanently increase the size of their penis.

stretching-deviceA Brief History of Penis Stretching

As surprising as it may seem, penis stretching actually dates back thousands of years.

It was not uncommon for men in certain parts of the world and in certain cultures to sit around for hours a day, pulling on their member in order to increase it’s length. Later someone came to the conclusion that attaching stones to a string and attaching that to the penis would provide a steady pulling pressure to the penis and cause the member to enlarge in size. While this did work, it still required a man to sit around hours a day with his privates exposed while the rocks did their magic.

While it is hard to imagine any man even those living in ancient times sitting around for hours a day, for up to year with rocks on their penis simply to add a half of inch, the fact is that these men did and they got results for doing so.

penis-stretcherModern Day Penis Stretcher Devices

Today most men simply don’t have the time or the desire to sit around pulling on their penis with their hand, or tying rocks to their member. In fact, most people would think a man who did so was beyond strange and far from normal.

Luckily, technologically has advanced to the point that science has actually allowed for the making of what is known as a penis stretcher or penis extender.

Modern medically tested traction devices featured at this website can be worn at night while you are sleeping allowing you to avoid spending 4 to 5 hours a day sitting around with your family jewels hanging out. Also today’s penis stretchers are not simply used to increase penis length, but rather is used to to straighten curved or bent shafts.

Length of Time Before you see Growth

Do keep in mind that penis stretching is a slow process and that it will take to 6 months to a year for you to see any results. In addition, you have to be realistic regarding just how much growth you are likely to see. Penis enlargement is not going to result in 3 or 4 inch gains, but rather a much more modest ½ inch to 1 ½ inches at best but you do need to keep in mind that it does work for every man who would like a larger penis.

Is it Safe to Use a Penis Stretcher?

While penis stretching can be effective the main question is whether or not it is safe. The truth is that some penis extenders are better and safer than others.

Buying a poorly designed traction device could result in injuries that could affect your sex life, so be sure to look for those top rated products that are designed to be effective. When looking for the safest piece of equipment look for the following features:

  • A Traction device that is made of medical grade materials.
  • Look for a device that bears a CE seal. (This is a stamp of safety given by European Health authorities)
  • A Device that is recommended by a physician.

Is Stretching Painful?

Many men feel that stretching the penis is much like exercising and building muscle and hold to the adage of “no pain, no gain.” While this may be true in building up those biceps, there should be no pain involved when stretching your penis. If you feel pain you should stop immediately and seek medical care if you continue to experience pain either when your member is at rest or you have an erection.

Is Penis Enlargement Right for You?

Whether or not penis extension is right for you, is only a decision that you can make. If your organ is normal size, then simply accepting your size is the safest course of action. However, if you have a curved or bent penis or one that is slightly smaller than normal, then you might want to consider a penis stretcher to correct your problem. However, it is always a good idea to speak with your doctor to make sure that it will have benefits and not cause harm.

Penis Traction Devices

If you ever feel a twinge of shame about your penis size and find yourself wishing your it were bigger, you are in good company – many men feel inadequate due to their penis size and as a result, feel inadequate in areas other than just the bedroom. Luckily, experts have teamed up to bring a number of penis enlargement products to the marketplace including supplements, traction devices, as well as surgery. Downsides for many supplements can include insomnia, hearing loss, and increased heartbeat and surgical downsides can include loss of girth, nodule formation, and scarring, among others.

penis-tractionWhile supplements and surgery may appear to be “quick fixes,” traction devices truly lengthen the penis safely and effectively – not to mention painlessly! Many different devices are available for purchase on the Internet today so it is up to you to determine which device best fits your lifestyle.

Unlike supplements, traction devices increase the size of both the erection and the flaccid penis; supplements can only increase the size of an erection. While traction devices don’t have any downsides, benefits include greater length and girth, harder and longer lasting erections, and improved confidence.

These devices stretch the penis, encouraging cell multiplication, new tissue growth, and increased blood flow.

male-edge-penis-extenderThe Male Edge Penis Enlarger

            The Male Edge is a flexible brace-like structure that easily slips over the flaccid penis and can be worn under loose fitting boxer shorts and pants. The guide advises the user to begin wearing it only one hour each day and then increasing by an hour each week (wear for two hours in week two, three hours in week three, etc.) until the user is wearing it for six hours each day.

The user slips his penis through a ring on the device, places the ring against the member’s base, and adjusts the strap behind the glans. The desired length is adjustable via the device’s rods, though the guide does advise specific traction per week. When the user is completely satisfied with his results, he may choose to stop using the device.

Watch the Video: Penis Traction – The Natural Way to Make Your Penis Bigger

Phallosan® forte

This device is the only one of its kind – it is an orthopedic belt with vacuum technology that encompasses the whole penis, whereas most traction devices start with tension behind the glans. It is worn like a belt and the suction bell is placed over the penis, protecting the glans and foreskin. The device can easily be worn up to twelve hours a day and the belt tension can be adjusted whenever necessary. Because it is so easy and painless to wear, users should be careful to not adjust the tension too high as success comes from regular use over time and not just increased tension.


            Like the Male Edge, the PeniMaster is a device with a holding support for the penis with adjustable rods to increase and decrease tension. Unlike the Male Edge, however, this device can be worn alone or with a number of supporting belts and additional devices include a rod expander system and a belt expander.

JELQ Device

            Although it is possible to jelq by hand – that is, squeeze and stroke the penis in an effort to force blood flow to the tip, thereby increasing length and girth – it can lead to fatigue and cramping in the hand. The JELQ device simulates this motion by providing constant pressure on the shaft of the user’s penis with less effort by the hand. This device should be used fifteen to twenty minutes three to five days each week. While results should appear within a few days of the initial use, optimum results occur after at least ninety days of use.

X4 Labs Review Explained

Penis extenders have become quite popular among men who want to achieve a bigger penis. One reason for this popularity is due to the fact that they are the safest and most effective way to increase the size of your penis. Since most men depend on user reviews when choosing a product that is well designed and safe for them, we thought that we should help you better understand what to take care for and what to ignore.

What is the X4 Labs Penis Extender?

x4-labs-reviewed-#1Before we get into what real users have to say and what their reviews actually mean, we first should explain a few things about the X4 Labs Penis Extender. First, you may take a look at this website and see this is a complete traction system, that is designed to effectively and efficiently extend your penis by inches.

The X4 Penis Extender comes if a variety of different sizes and price ranges, and actually let’s you customize your experience by allowing you to choose between using tubes or a comfort strap for your penis enlargement. The product’s design is based on 10 years of research and actually comes with a 6 month guarantee.

Synopsis of X4 Labs Reviews

Like any product that is for sale there are positive and negative reviews concerning the X4 Labs Penis extender.
In addition, user comments run the gambit from glowing statements about how great this penis enlarger works, to those who state it did nothing to improve their size.

Here are some of the specific comments that users have made and our explanation as to what these comments really mean.

  • x4-labs-5-star-rating“High Quality Product, One of the best Penis extenders on the market.”

    This is actually a true statement as not only did a decade of research go into into making this product, but this penis traction device is one of the few that is actually medically tested and certified as being both safe an effective for enlarging your penis.

    You simply are not going to find many similar products that have been certified as effective by the medical community.

  • “The Quad support kit is the best!” X4 Labs offers a number of penis traction kits, but the quad support system we believe to be the best of the best because it offers a variety of ways to support the fixation making it easy to adjust it so that you get the most comfortable kit for you.
  • doctor-approved“Comfortable or Uncomfortable” depending on which x4 labs review you happen to be reading.

    The simple truth is that the X4 Labs extender is does not cause discomfort.

    While many of users do state that this penis stretching device is comfortable to wear, those few that find it uncomfortable, are the ones that simply having acknowledged that using traction to gain inches is going to be different than having nothing attached the penis. While we certainly would not describe this penis extender as comfortable in the same buying new mattress may offer a comfortable nights sleep, it is easy to get use to wearing this device and there is nothing about that causes actual pain or discomfort when used according to directions. In addition, some the X4 kits offer the option between using a noose or a comfort strap, making it easier for users to find the right option for their own personal comfort.

  • “Expensive.”

    How expensive a devise appears to be is actually a matter of perspective. While there are cheaper extenders out there, few of the other extender on the market are of the quality of this extender. In addition, there aren’t many other extender kits out there to compare prices as most penis extenders don’t offer you any choice in how to extend your penis, making it less likely for you to customize the extender so that it is comfortable for you.

    You also need to keep in mind that X4 Labs makes different sizes of kits with a variety of price ranges, so if one kit is beyond your budget another might be more suitable to your budget.

  • “Complicated” While we will admit that when you look at everything you get with a X4 labs penis stretching kit it does look a bit complicate and may appear overwhelming. However, nothing could be further from truth since these penis enlargement kits come with clear and concise directions for use.

If you are looking for a reliable and effective penis extender, X4 Labs is really a product you should take into consideration.